Frog Fightin' Craw Creature Bait
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Canyon Plastics Soft Plastic Hollow Belly Frog Fightin' Craw Creature Bait for Bass Fishing
The Canyon Plastics Frog is an incredible soft plastic frog.  The legs have lifelike action in the open water drawing the big fish up from the depths. It should be rigged weedless. The air chamber inside of the frog allows the bait to float and allows for a good hook up ratio. The Fighin' Craw is the perfect creature bait.   The Fightin' Craw works well fished on a Carolina Rig, as a trailer for a jig, Texas Rigged and is the perfect punch bait.  Other reports are that the Fightin' Craw is the best night fishing bait made.
Giant Tora Heads w/ 7/0 Gamakatsu Hook 10" Giant Tora Gitzit
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Giant Tora Tube Head with Gamakatsu Hook Tora Tube Giant Gitzits Bass Fishing Tube Baits
Giant Tora Heads from 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz with 7/0 Gamakatsu Hook. Giant Tora Gitzit Tubes are big fish catchers.  The giant Tora Gitzit Tubes are especially good during the pre-spawn and spawn time of year.  However, don't ignore the Giant Tora Gitzit Tubes during the winter months, especially in lakes with Trout! All of these are also excellent for Salt Water Bottom fishing especially Halibut.
Magnum/Ultimate Lead Heads 6" Swim Doctor Weedless Swimbait
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Magnum/Ultimate Lead Heads Tubes and swimbaits 3:16 Mission Fish Style Swim Doctor Weedless Swimbait
Made for rigging the Magnum and Ultimate (5" & 6" Gitzit Tubes). the Magnum/Ultimate Lead Heads come in sizes from 1/2 oz to 3 oz. The Swim Doctor is a true weedless swimbait.  This bait is perfect for swimming around grass or through trees. Tie on Swim Doctor and fish with confidence that you won't get hung up.  Plus, the Swim Doctor catches fish, big fish!  At 6" in length the Swim Doctor is the perfect size for fishing from coast to coast.  Tie one on, you won't be sorry.